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Proper tissue homogenization is critical for ensuring that you don't waste time and money in your research efforts due to incomplete cell lysis. Methods such as mortar and pestle, and rotor-strator or ultrasonic homogenizers, can work well in some cases, but generally perform best when working with softer tissues. Additionally, a rotor-strator or ultrasonic cell homogenizer generates a significant amount of heat that can degrade the quality of your samples. The solution to these common problems? The Heartbreaker tissue disruptor series.

What Do Tissue Homogenizers Do?

Tissue homogenizers are any machines or other methods, like a mortar and pestle, used to break down the cell membranes of a sample material in order to release the inner cell contents for analysis. Homogenization is used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, biological and food industries, among others, to study materials like muscle and liver tissue, plants, bacteria, food and more. Once the materials have been thoroughly disrupted, analysis can be performed on nucleic acids, proteins, pathogens and any other key characteristics.

What Sets a HeartBreaker Tissue Disruptor Apart?

The HeartBreaker is a revolutionary electric tissue homogenizer with a variety of benefits that any research laboratory could take advantage of. Using novel vibration techniques, these tissue homogenizers deliver an even distribution and emulsification of liver and muscle tissues, plant leaves, bacteria, yeast and many other materials. HeartBreaker tissue disruptors stand out from other bead mill homogenizers for the following reasons:

  • They are 30% less expensive than the competition.
  • They take up 50% less bench space and can fit inside a regular refrigerator for noise reduction and processing samples that require cool temperatures.
  • They are 80% lighter than other tissue homogenizers.
  • They are extremely efficient, processing fat or liver tissue in 2 minutes, muscle tissue in 3-4 minutes and plant leaves in 3.5-4.5 minutes.

The HeartBreaker tissue disruptor comes in three different models, each of which has its own unique forte and features.


The HeartBreaker-2 is one of our most popular tissue disruptor models. This cell homogenizer can hold twelve 2 ml tubes containing your sample substances and beads to break up the materials as they are subjected to vigorous horizontal strikes. This powerful disruption process quickly homogenizes samples without creating heat. The HeartBreaker-2 can also easily fit in a refrigerator or cold room to keep samples cool and reduce noise in your lab.

The HeartBreaker-2's most important specs are as follows:

  • Designed for twelve 2ml tubes
  • Occupies 100 sq. inches of bench space
  • Weight: 6lb
  • Cost: $2,850 ($550 less than the nearest competition)


The HeartBreaker-50 is designed for eight 50 ml tubes. It subjects samples and beads to oscillating 3D motion from vertical and horizontal directions, ensuring that even large samples are thoroughly disrupted after only a few minutes. In spite of its vigorous motion, it produces no heat that could degrade your samples. Place these tissue homogenizers in a refrigerator or cold room to maintain low temperatures.

The HeartBreaker-50's most important specs include:

  • Fits eight 50ml tubes
  • Takes up 80 sq. inches of bench space
  • Weight: 8lb
  • Cost: $3,950 ($2,050 less than the nearest competition)


The HeartBreaker-96 tissue disruptor has a slightly different design than the HeartBreaker-2 or Heartbreaker-50, but is still just as powerful and efficient. It uses two vertically positioned 96-well plates of small samples that are subjected to horizontal strikes to deliver vigorous, complete sample disruption. It generates no excess heat and easily fits into a refrigerator or cold room to reduce noise and keep samples at the optimal temperature.

The HeartBreaker-96's key specs are:

  • Holds two 96-well plates
  • Occupies 60 sq. inches of bench, cold room or refrigerator space
  • Weight: 8lb
  • Cost: $3,950 ($4,550 less than the nearest competition)

Find the Perfect HeartBreaker Tissue Disruptor for Your Lab at ViroGen

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