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Two vertically positioned 96-well plates containing various substances are subjected to strikes in the horizontal direction creating powerful disrupting effect. It can be used in a cold room or placed in a refrigerator in order to keep samples at a low temperature and eliminate noise. There is no heating of samples, due to fast disruption process.



More than 90% of research and thousands of clinical labs routinely homogenize tissues for their research. An essential step in this process is breaking of tissues with glass beads. The Heartbreaker-2 offers users unique advantages over existing treatment technologies:

  1. Automation of all steps of membrane processing.
  2. Processing of six membranes separated in two test lines for 3 membranes each - two independently working devices running two test protocols at one time.
  3. Treatment of each membrane with its own specific antibodies. Six different Primary and six different Secondary antibodies can be used for simultaneously running tests.
  4. Collection of Primary antibodies for reuse.
  5. Self-cleaning of the device from reagents contacting trays and containers. When testing cycle is over, machine is ready for the new test.
  6. Minimal required bench space (14"""" x 14"""").
  7. One year warranty.

Users' benefits:

  1. Saves efforts and time of bench scientists.
  2. Accelerates of research process by making western blotting during night time.
  3. Standardizes test procedures, makes results highly reliable.

Customized machine can be used for:

  1. Semi- automatic processing of small size membranes in plastic bags.
  2. Individually operated trays providing immunoblot tests according to six different protocols at one time.