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Influenza Virus Hemagglutinin H5

CATALOG #01155-V
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QUANTITY: 100 micrograms ug


Influenza Hemagglutinin H5.


Influenza Hemmaglutinin H5
Catalog Number: 01155-V
Product Description: Influenza Hemmaglutinin, ~60 kDa.
Fusions Six Histidines at C-terminus
Genotype H5
Lot 03
Origin: E. coli, recombinant
Purity: >95% pure; Purity is evaluated by SDS-PAGE, by measuring optical density at 280 nm.
Buffer/Composition: 1X PBS pH 7.4
Concentration: 1 mg/ml, bulk amount available upon request
Storage: Long Term: -80˚C
Short Term: 4˚C (Three month or less)
Application: ELISA, WB, Agglutination
Shipping: Cold pack
Comments: Strongly reacts with infected serum.
The products are for laboratory research use or further manufacturing only and should not be used for human therapeutic or diagnostic applications.