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New Products

Allergy Antigens

  • 900-V (Dust Mite Allergen Der F1 Recombinant antigen)
  • 901-V (Dust Mite Allergen Der P1 Recombinant antigen)
  • 00900-V (Phospholipase A2 P00630 Bee Venom Recombinant Protein)
  • 00901-V (Soy Bean p34 Recombinant protein)
  • 00902-V (Soy Bean p34 Recombinant protein)
  • Also from ViroGen

    • Custom recombinant protein purification
    • Custom polyclonal antibody production
    • Antigen and antibody labeling with:
      • FITC
      • Biotin
      • Rhodamine
      • Gold particles.

    West Nile Virus

    west nile

    West Nile Virus Pre-M and Envelope recombinant proteins for the detection of anti-WNV antibodies.

    Applications include ELISA, Western Blot, Lateral flow devices.

    Bulk pricing - inquire.

    Anti-Glutathione Antibody

    101-A anti-Glutathione antibody D8 mouse monoclonal

    101 blot

    Detect glutathionation (addition of glutathione) of your protein in Western Blot format! Recent reports in the literature strongly suggest involvement of glutathionation in many signal transduction pathways of the cell. Now there is a tool to detect glutathionation! Exclusively from VIROGEN!

    Glycogen Synthetase Kinase 3 b (GSK3b)

    Glycogen Synthetase Kinase 3 b (GSK3b) is a Serine-threonine kinase, also known as Tau kinase. GSK3b is involved in several important pathways and plays a key regulatory role in Xenopus laevis development, as well as phosphorylating microtubule-associated protein Tau.

    The monoclonal anti-GSK3b antibody recognizes human, Xenopus and rat GSK3b. This antibody can be used in ELISA, Western blot, immunoprecipitations and histochemical staining experiments involving characterization of the GSK3b protein. In addition, it was shown to have a specific granular staining pattern of Alzheimer's neurons vs. neurons from normal brain sections1.

    1VIROGEN unpublished obseravtions.

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