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Qs: How do you ship your products?
ViroGen ships its products in plastic foam (polystyrene) containers with gel ice packs. Gel packs are kept at -20?C for at least 3 days prior to shipment and the polystyrene boxes are tightly sealed with tape. Tests have shown that products shipped under these conditions will stay at or below 4?C for more than 24 hours even if ice pack is not frozen upon receipt.
Qs: How stable are your products during shipment?
Testing of our products has shown that there is no difference in activity and/or stability for items shipped with gel ice packs or shipped on dry ice. Products show no appreciable deterioration of activity even after 4 days in transit. ViroGen recommends shipping of its antigens at 4?C, exposure to higher temperatures (over 10?C) during shipping does not pose any risk to the antigens. Shipping of antibodies is recommended to be between 4?C and 8?C. Proteins subjected to repeated freeze/thaw cycles may lose activity.
Qs: What are the storage conditions for your products once they have been received?
For each individual product please refer to the specification sheet for proper storage conditions.
Qs: What are your shipping rates?
ViroGen charges a flat rate of $50.00 per order for shipping and handling for all Domestic orders, and a flat rate of $105.00 USD for all International orders. Handling fee of $10 will be applied for customers who provide their own FedEx account.

Have more questions? Send them to us: info@virogen.com

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